Iso-Polyphony: An Albanian Tune Fortune

I tried to compose this article around one of our creative legacies that is, at
a similar time, an extremely select piece of Albania’s set of experiences. It’s rare these days
that these jewels of old stories are prestigious and loved. So here I am taking the
chance to attempt to some way or another promotion the astonishing type of workmanship that is the iso-poliphony.

Iso – the customary valid Albanian sound albanian hits 2023
Customary Albanian music of the southern locale has gained notoriety for its bona fide sound that we call the “iso”. Iso alludes to the choral robot, which is fundamentally the uniform voices that expand and go with the help of the principal voice in the numerous voices’ tune. It is principally sung in the towns of the area called Labëri, like Pilur, Dukat, Himarë, Tërbaç and Tragjas, yet additionally in Gjirokastër’s Lapardha and its adjoining towns, Bënça, and so on.

The iso-polyphonic music is sung by four voices: the collector, the hurler, the turner and the iso-er.
Advanced age of melodic practice
It is likewise worth focusing on that “iso” is trusted to trace all the way back to the Thracian-Illyrian period, in view of the examination of the particular highlights of the polyphony like the apparent design, the vocals, the singing style with the presence of calls, yells and a cappella components. This multitude of elements propose an advanced age of melodic practice.

In Albanian, we allude to the singing of iso as bearing the iso. I believe that is likely on the grounds that it is such a troublesome demonstration that you need to some way or another bear it. I have had the massive joy of meeting individuals, who are hereditarily gifted and can bear the “iso”. More often than not they are glad to sing for any sort of crowd and seeing that is a particularly overpowering encounter. Should be obvious that I had goosebumps from the start. I was glad and dazzled simultaneously when outsiders who have additionally partaken in the “iso” had a similar response to it.

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